Saturday, June 21, 2008

A funny story

I was reading that Kung Pao Chicken has become official for the Olympics. (;_ylt=ArVEaf45Can9x15EJzsTjPSs0NUE)

I thought I would share a personal experience with you in the hopes of making you smile about this Kung Pao Chicken. This is a very famous chicken dish and in Mandarin is sounds like this: gong bao ji ding. In that sentence the ji is chicken. I had a friend who thought he was being funny and used to say to the waitresses: Gong bao jiji ding, which caused hysterical laughter. In that sentence the jiji is slang for penis. So you can imagine what he was asking for. When we explained to him what he had said he thought a minute and the asked for Gong Bao JiJiJi ding which then resulted in him asking for Chicken penises. The misunderstandings we have when we learn another language. I have had some really interesting experiences with that. Me, myself once asked a man how much it cost to sleep with him and I thought I was asking for dumplings. He had this absolute stunned look on his face for a few seconds and then........hysterical laughter. I hope this paragraph did not shock too many people. I have found laughter is the best ingredient when living in China, hence the life, love and laughter.

Anyway, the surprise of the day. We got a call to let us know that Jeannie is going to be leaving really soon., we knew that was coming since her adoption papers were at the CCAA. She will be adopted next Sunday, June 29th. I think the place is what surprised me even more. She will be going to .......Norway. When I told the nannies, they were confused because they have no idea where this place is. I will have to pull out a map. So far all the special needs adoptions have done to America and the healthy babies to Europe. Sean is still waiting. I would really like to see what happens to him. Nathaniel has also been matched and I will send a letter of introduction to his family soon. He is going to have an older brother and sister and will be going to our most represented state in the USA: Ohio. I think we will have three little Starfishes there: Ana, Gabriel and Nathaniel. The next state is Illinois where Jojo and Jasmine live.

Life, Love and Laughter,

Starfish Foster Home

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Jewels of My Heart said...

I have been reading your posts but haven't been commenting much.... this one is just too funny! Life is just funny that way!
If I ever receive my heart's desire and move to China I can only imagine the things I will unknowingly say. lol
God Bless You Amanda and May God bless the children...