Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jasmine/Megan: At home in Illnois

Jasmine got adopted on May 18. It was a really quick adoption and lightening fast for us. She got matched in February and three months later she was picked up. The adoption was a little sad and Jasmine cried so much. It is hard to see when the babies are so distraught. However ,like with all things, this to is not permanent and the kids gets used to heir families and their personalities shine through. This is a combination of two emails I got from Jasmine's mom. She is now called Megan and has a sister called Carly. In spite of her dad's best effort, Megan was not going any where near him. For some inexplicable reason the kids are all into shoes. I get lots of emails about that and I see what happens to the babies still at Starfish.

Carly woke up Sat with a 102 fever and was sick until Tuesday. She was so excited to see/meet Megan Friday night but Megan wasn't up to hugging strangers. Yesterday morning when Megan came down and saw Carly she went running to her and gave her a hug. It made Carly's day. She even hugged Ken! Carly though has been jealous the last 2 days and pretty fussy. Megan also wasn't too fond of the dogs so the 1st 2 days every time they came near her she would cry & we'd have to pick her up. Now she is fine walking around them. We still have Megan's crib in our room but are hoping to try and move it back in with Carly next week or so. She loves playing with all the toys and trying on shoes. We have a couple of pairs of princess slippers and she walks around the house wearing them pushing the baby doll stroller. We've played on the swing set fort in our backyard a couple of times and she loves climbing up to the fort and going down the slide.

and this email I received today:

Well she is definitely affectionate and full of smiles. The night before it took us 1 1/2 hrs to put her to bed...the little climber kept climbing out and our crib is much bigger/taller than what we had in China! Today was the 1st time she let my Mom pick her up, she hugged her each time she saw her but not hold her. It really made my Mom's day! Yesterday afternoon I had a photo session set up and had both of the girls in their bright beautiful Chinese dresses but unfortunately Megan freaked out! I got her to stand next to Carly but then she looked at that camera and it was hysteria. So I was only able to get professional pictures taken of Carly but here's a couple we've taken around the house of her.

Life, Love and Laughter,
Starfish Foster Home

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