Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy Birthday Karine, Our Canadian Chick

Here are some recent pictures of Karine (Antonia) on her third birthday.  Her mom says she was extremely proud of herself for blowing out the candle. She is also a huge Sesame Street fan and follows Elmo's as if he is a rock star, hence the cake.

Life, love and laughter,

At Starfish, we have taken care of 128 children to date, arranged more than 130 surgeries and had 55 international adoptions, so our little starfishes live all over the globe: the US, Netherlands, Norway, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Canada and in China.  Our latest adoption, our third baby to Sweden was the first of March.  We currently have 43 babies under the age of 3.  We MOVED on January 14, 2011 and now live in our "castle".

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