Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bai Lang (Lucas): The Netherlands, Adoption 37

Dear Amanda,

Our son Bai Lang is doing very well. Since January this year, two times a week he goes to the kindergarten (half day). This is great fun and every time he looks forward to playing with other children and to see Miss Trees and Miss Carien. Also he goes twice a week to his grandparents when we both are working. Bai Lang is very fond of his grandparents (his cousin Senna is also there on that days). It goes very well with the Dutch language and he likes to sing songs, make music and dance. The food is fine and he loves to eat chocolate.

Bai Lang is China, after more than half year he stays in the Netherlands, not forgotten. If he sees a plane, he tells the plane is going to China to the pandabears. Last week he told me very seriously, "grandmother Mien has to go to Amanda in China" and "Mommy and Bai Lang go on visit to Amanda." He is also not forgotten his friends Callum and Hosea. If he manages to water droplets on the mirror to splash, he calls “Hosea, Hosea look”. Hopefully these friends will contact each other in the future.
The two DVD’s of The Wiggles that Bai Lang inherited from Starfish, he would see often.

On March 15th was the big day and Bai Lang celebrated his third birthday with the family. He looked forward to celebrate his birthday. He really enjoyed his birthday and the streamers and balloons in our house. He has received many cards, many emails and many gifts. Even in kindergarten he celebrated his birthday. On the day he became three years old, in the evening Bai Lang's  baptized by Father van Dijk in the chapel of our home. This was a very nice event for Bai Lang. First stabbing a candle in the chapel and then baptized. During the Mass, Father van Dijk has also special prayers for the country China and the children of China.

Bai Lang would like to enjoy life and wants to see everyone happy. He is very inquisitive, smart, social, likes to share with others and will comfort children when they cry. Bai Lang likes fun around him, likes to play outside and is making contact with everyone who comes close.
When the three of us together, he says quite often "Papa-Mama-Bai Lang together" and then he wants to hug. He would also like to sing and dance together. He knows no end and he is always trying to invent another excuse to keep on going. He is already very attached to our dogs Bo and Sitha and our horses Carita and Chanel. Every morning he says "good morning" to the animals.

On Saturday March 26 we had visit of Roshney and Steven (Dutch volunteers in August 2010 we met in Starfish). This was a very enjoyable afternoon. Also we have nice contact by email with volunteer Rachel Smith, who we also met in August 2010 at Starfish.

Lots of greetings from
Bai Lang, Marc, and Addie

Ps Many greetings to Hong Li (Bai Lang's nanny)
Fonetisch lezen

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