Saturday, February 26, 2011

Update on Aiden (Hosea) in Tennessee, Adoption 45

Hi Amanda! 

When I saw your update about Aiden's adoption, I realized I needed to send you an update myself.  The time has passed so quickly, and it just amazes me that we have been home now for 5 months.  But yet it feels like Aiden has always been a part of our family.  His adjustment has been so easy and natural.  I truly believe God knew he was to be our son.  He is understanding most of what we say to him, and is trying to repeat everything we say.  His speech is still hard to understand, but we catch a lot of things because we hear them all the time.  After he has his dental surgery, we will get him in to see a speech therapist, and hopefully that will give him the tools he needs for better communication.  He is just a joy to be around.  He is happy most of the time, and just seems to embrace life no matter what he is doing.  He still loves his brother and sister, and would prefer to be with them all the time.  He gets so excited when we pick them up from school in the afternoon.  He is definately a momma's boy though, and I think daddy is a little jealous of that.  He is still waking up at the crack of dawn to eat and play, so that's been a big adjustment for us.  He still loves to be outside, and I'm looking forward to spring so he can enjoy that more.  We've had lots of snow this winter, and he's had the flu and several ear infections, so he's been cooped up a lot.  Eddie's (his dad) family is planning a trip to the beach this summer, so I know he will love that.  We can't wait to introduce him to sand and the ocean.  We were excited to hear about your new home.  I hope we can visit someday when Aiden is older.  I want him to see what a wonderful life he had in China before we came to bring him home.  Thank you for giving him the chance to have a family, and us the opportunity to be his parents.  We are so blessed!  I'm attaching some pictures we had made last week.  As you can see, he is thriving.  Hope you are doing well.

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Beautiful family!