Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello from Ohio: Charlie (Gabriel) Adoption 14

Dear Amanda,

Cold, snowy greetings from Ohio.  We are way overdue for an update, apologies.  Charlie (Gabriel) is thriving and doing well.  His speech has progressed remarkably well and he’s growing like a weed. He’s going to afternoon Pre-K five days a week and is enjoying it.  Recently he’s joined sister Esme and has begun Taekwondo classes.  Nothing like 30 minutes where you are allowed to punch and kick.
 We had a great summer just hanging out at home and walking in the woods.  We lost our old Newfoundland dog Nellie to cancer this fall and after a couple weeks with just two dogs we found a St Bernard/Newfoundland mix at a shelter and she’s moved in with us.  And then we found an injured stray kitty in the barn that Esme has nursed back to health.  So we have a houseful.
The older kids, now almost 16, are attending a boarding school in Hudson, Ohio, about an hour from home.  We miss them dearly when they are at school but no danger of empty nest syndrome with Esme and Charlie keeping us busy.
Charlie is a strong little guy, sometimes a little willful but what four year old isn’t.  He loves Mom dearly but he seems to be our first child who is a real Daddy’s boy.   Esme says it’s because Daddy lets them have candy and stay up late.   Do I really do that???
We’re so excited about the new Starfish home and can understand how it must be frustrating not being able to move in yet.  The construction pictures where incredible.  We will be undertaking a much smaller construction project ourselves this next summer when we add on space so that Charlie has his own room.   He’s still in a bed on the other side of Karen and my bedroom which has worked well but he’s excited about having his own room and space.
We often talk about you and the nannies and wonder how everyone is doing,  and marvel over how things have changed and grown at Starfish.  

All our Love,
Steve, Karen, Henry, Lucy, Esme and Charlie

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