Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update on Jian (Cailean), Adoption 25 Holland

Dear Amanda,

One year ago, we arrived in Xi'An. We were so excited and nervous! In one day we would finally meet our son Jian (Cailean).
And now, one year later, it's like Jian has  always been a member of our family.
He is such a happy child, he's got a lot of energy, sometimes a little bit too much! It is just like you said: Jian is easily happy and easily angry!
Luckily most of the time, he shows his happy side.
He is such a hugger, he shows his affection all the time. We are so proud of him and David and Anne-Mei.
They all three do play and fight together, just like other brothers and sisters do.
I guess you can say, we are one happy family! 
We feel so blessed that we could adopt Jian. 
We are so grateful to you and all the other people at Starfish. It is amazing how much the children are loved and cared for.
We will never forget what you have done for Jian and we sure will come back sometime!
You know how special it was to us, having you here in Holland. The fact that you joined the baptism of Jian was unbelievable.

We had a great year together. We went to Spain in summer. Jian loved it! He was in the swimming pool all the time, liked the Spanish food
(well, actually he likes any kind of food! Thank you!) Everybody adores him, of course!
In one year he made so much progress; his Dutch is amazing, he reached almost the same level as other children of his age.
He loves to draw and play games but he also loves to play outside, on the slide or the trampoline.
He is afraid of nothing and wants to try everything.
In September Jian started at pre-school. One morning and one afternoon per week, he is going to school.
He is very fond of the teachers and the other children.
But he is totally happy when we come back to pick him up! So that's a very good sign!

Well, we'll keep you informed about all of us and hope to meet you again! In Holland or in China, we'll see!
You know, you're always welcome!

Love and a big hug from the Ocheda-family,

Jian, Anne-Mei, David, Valentin and Hanneke

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