Friday, December 05, 2008

Another Breanna

Virginia (Breanna #2)

Every once in a while I surprise myself. Hui, one of the volunteers at Starfish right now, came with me to the orphanage to go and choose a new baby. Low and behold we came home with two. What can I say I cannot help myself. But that is not why I am writing. Hui stood by the new baby and I did not see her face very well. After I took a good look on the way home, I could not believe how much she looked like our Breanna (pictured with the bottle). Look at the two of them at about the same age and it is hard to tell them apart. The also have the same heart condition but Virginia's is much more serious. She has a huge hole in her heart and we might have to take her to Dr Li really soon.
Another really cute story: While we were in the Big O, we got another baby as I mentioned. The baby was very dark and had a cleft palate and lip. She was small and the orphanage staff encouraged me to take her because she was so weak. I said to Hui that we should call her Sophia because that is Hui's middle name and it would be something to remember her by. She is from Arizona and has parents from Taiwan. Her Chinese name and her English name mean the same thing: Wisdom. Any way, after we get home we discover that Sophia has a hospital ID band on her wrist and that her Chinese name is An Xiao Hui which is the same Chinese character as Hui. Sophia is a preemie baby and she went into the hospital that afternoon. She was not able to keep her body temperature up and had jaundice which was the reason she is so dark. She is back home now and still looks like a new born. More red than anything. Her hair stands up and I think she looks so cute. Reminds me so much of another like preemie, Lily who was called Sarah.

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Perla said...

amanda ~ i've been keeping up with your blog for a long time now. i had a dream several months ago that i had a baby girl and her name was sarah. then i became pregnant and my husband and i thought it was with our baby sarah. nope. its a boy. so now my sister (kathy junk) keeps teasing me that i am going to adopt my sarah from china. it will be awhile since i am not due with our baby boy until may. also, my husband isn't convinced. but you never know. so...keep an eye out for us in the future. :)

Jill said...

Both are extremely gorgeous! I am keeping you all in my prayers.