Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ana's Gotcha Day & Thanksgiving

I cannot believe that one year has already passes since Ana (Angel's) gotcha day. Here is a letter from Ana's mom:

Yesterday (the 26th) we celebrated Ana's Gotcha Day! We had a special pancake breakfast and later we took the girls out to lunch for dumplings and then we went to Build a Bear (a store where kids can pick out an animal, have it stuffed the way they like it, create a birth certificate, etc.) Then they have a big shop where you can buy ridiculously expensive clothes and accessories for the animals. Ana picked out a pink cat and named it Mao Mao.

Today was Thanksgiving and we had a quiet dinner---just the four of us and then we took the girls and their new animals for a walk around town. Ana loves pushing Mao Mao in the doll stroller and she likes to sleep with her, too.

We just watched our video again of our time at Starfish and Patrick and I cried and cried---Ana pointed and laughed. I really think she remembers---she especially likes to see all the kids.

She is doing really great. She loves her little school and her speech is getting so much better. She says "No, my turn", "I love you", "Daddy's home!". She is getting really good at cutting with scissors and pasting paper together. She is great at 24 piece jigsaw puzzles and building toys.

Ana sat on Santa's lap the other day. Actually, she sat on Patrick's lap and Patrick sat on Santa's lap. She is in a total Daddy phase. I told him I was going to make them matching flannel pjs and attach velcro to Ana's so that she can stick close to him all day long :~). Right now she is in there saying "Daddy, rastle" (I want to wrestle) and she wakes up in the morning yelling Daddy Daddy!!

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

It is still so wonderful that she remembers things from the start of her life in China... that would be a precious memory for her.