Saturday, December 06, 2008

Pictures from our Starfish Home

I take a lot of pictures. In one month we will probably take more than 1500 and then delete a whole lot and I will keep the ones I like the most. This also includes pictures from volunteers and the camera we have in the living room. We are forever trying to get a great shot and out of all the 20 000 pictures I do have there are some really magnificent ones of which there are very few and then some great ones of which there are more. So when these great shots happen I am excited and want to share. This is one of those times. Believe me these are many more and I will try not go too crazy.
The first ones are of Breanna. She was sitting in the stroller and was ready to go for a walk. I took maybe 15 of her and they all came out great. Her playfulness shines through.
The next ones are of Heather. Looking at them, it shows her personality so well. She is such a happy girl and so smart. She learns fast and has a very acute emotional radar. She is so proud of herself because she is crawling and she is moving so much more. She is almost standing up on her own and we a so happy for all the improvements she has made.
I have also included some other pictures that I love:
Emily with her three tooth smile
Rebecca: Our resident little mom with Faith
Flower and her new sister and their latest family shots.
Alice as Mother Theresa
Jade Eating (taken by Rachel's mom)
Lisa Buckmiller in the OR with no electricity.
Viola: Look at that tongue.
Virginia looking she is on a covert mission.

Life, Love and Laughter,

Starfish Foster Home


FatcatPaulanne said...

So many cuties!

What about Jade? I've always thought she was so beautiful. I've wanted to adopt her but I don't meet China's new standards. Does she have a family yet?

Jill said...

Still in love with little Viola! SIGH.
Love the pics!

Chinabound said...

Beautiful babies and children!! Viola, Breanna, and Emily were always my favorites...I want to adopt them. but all are special in their own way. Great to see that they are happy, growing, and doing so well.

Jet said...

Love the pictures of Breanna!! She has such a great personality!!!

Love from all of us,