Sunday, July 13, 2008

Some things to make you smile...

From time to time there are things that just make me laugh out loud and that is why I love doing what I am doing. Here are three for you to look at:

The other morning Olivia woke up and this was her hairstyle. It looked like she went to the hairdresser for hours!! I just loved the bird-in-the-nest look.

The second thing that happened is that since I came home there has been a pair of shoes sitting at the door, which was rather strange. I asked the nannies about this and they told me that there was a volunteer here when the earthquake happened. I guess while running for her life she left her shoes behind and is not coming back for them.

The last one and the one that made me belly laugh was this baby T-shirt. It was sent as a donation and I just loved the sentiment expressed on it. With 20 babies in house, I guess they always come first. If you think I am going to please you anytime soon, good luck waiting. I should have this sign made and walk around with it on my forehead.

Life, Love and Laughter,


Starfish Foster Home


shell said...

All of those things make me smile also. Love the "do". Somedays, I feel like that's how my hair looks at the end of the day!
Thank you for being you!

M & M Girls said...

thanks for taking time out to post this "smile" post. It was sweet and did make me smile.
Mom to
The M&M Girls

kathy said...

Thanks for the smile. I love the sign. Do the shoes fit you?