Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Flower and her Portland Trip

Flower and her family are talking a trip up the coast of Portland. I get updates from Flower's mom all the time and I really appreciate that. I have been reading all the fun things they have been doing as a family. They seem to be eating their way all around the state which sounds like fun to me. However, my most favorite thing is seeing what a wonderful life Flower is having and how much she is loved. It is hard to imagine where she started out at and to see her now.

There have been some awfully cute pictures and here are my most favorite. I hope you do not wonder why!!!!!!!!!!

The other exciting news: Angee and KG have just completed their paperwork to do a domestic American adoption. I am so happy at the thought that Flower will be getting a sibling. I know that she loved babies while she was here with us and so I hope that she will be a great big sister. I wish them a quick adoption and that one girl's heartache at giving her child away will become this family's greatest blessing.

Life, Love and Laughter,


Starfish Foster Home


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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I adore that photo of her pointing to the starfish... it gives me hope to see the kids 'thriving' in their new families... a little more hope each time to wait for when it is my turn... having just passed our 27th month of waiting... all good things come to those who wait...