Sunday, July 06, 2008

Jeannie: Our 12th adoption is done

I had no idea what to expect because we had no information about Jeannie's family before the adoption. Jeannie's family came straight from the airport to the Civil affairs office and that must have been a little over whelming for them. Jeannie's mom is a nurse and her father an engineer, if I remember correctly and she has a 16 year old brother Simon. Jeannie looked so cute. They always go outside and she has a very brown little skin and so I decide to have her wear some light pastel pink clothes. She looked so darling.

It took a little while for her to warm up to them and they did not stop trying. By the time we went for the pictures she was happily interacting with them.

They had been waiting for Jeannie for three years. That means more than a year before she was born. I find that the patience that people have to be just amazing. Not only that, but there were 11 other Norwegian families in the group with Jeannie's family. Another two came with them from Xian and then the others went to Nanjing I think. So collective they have waited about 33 years for their children.

At the same time that this happened there was another American family who came to adopt their son from Bao Ji. They were staying in the same hotel as Jeannie's family and was using the same agency. It was so fun to experience the adoption with them and to see the adoption with Cyndie and Derek from the other side. They had three of the seven kids they now have in China with them. I was very comforted with all the news and information they brought with them and sort of poured over me. This is their second adoption from China and their third overall. They are experienced in the business and had lots of interesting stories to tell.

I love that we are having adoptions every month. The babies are finding families which was our goal. Our next adoption: Probably Nathaniel at the end of the month. His family will be traveling from the US then. Our little man Will is getting his family soon. We are excited for him. He has come such a long way since those early days at Starfish.

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Starfish Foster Home

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