Monday, June 30, 2008

Big news for Ana--The Wiggles, Live!!

Oh my, I write this as the Wiggles tape: Lights, Camera, Action is playing in the living room (our very first one) Boy do the kids LOVE doing the actions to this CD. I have been listening to it since the Halls, an Australian family who lived in our complex, so kindly introduced the Wiggles to us about two years ago. You have to know that normally the kids grow out of the tapes and move on to different things. I am stuck at the same age!!!! All the Wiggle CD's we have, are gifts from the Halls. I am so excited to read that one of our little Starfishes is going to see them live. Say Hi to all of them for us. I hear the tickets are hard to get and people line up like they do for rock stars. You know they were the top ranked entertainment act in Australia in 2007 and raked in 39 million dollars. They even beat some of the Oscar winners (Nicole and Russel) and other musical acts. They were the laughing stock when they first started out because they were four guys who wanted to study elementary education and they sang to make extra money. I find it so sweet to know some of our Starfish traditions are sticking with the babies and that they remember some of our activities. So here is Ana's Mom with the news:

Just wanted to share a bit of fun news---my Mom is taking Ana, Sophie, Patrick and I to see The Wiggles Live on August 13. Ana still loves them and I think she is going to flip out. We have pretty good seats, so we should be able to see well. Front row seats were $375 each---can you believe that???

We are hitting potty training hard this week and Ana is doing very well. Only one accident today. She is now also saying "potty", "book", "milk"and she calls Sophie, "Doe". One funny thing---when she gets mad she says "OH BABY!!!" in her maddest voice. It is hilarious. She has also taken to trying to bite my toes. She loves to look at books now and wants to be rocked before nap and bedtime. We have been swimming several times and she is starting to like the water a lot.

Her personality is so cute and all our little friends just love her, and , of course, we all love her like crazy!

I'll try to send Wiggles photos if we can get any! The ones I have attached are 1-2 weeks old.
All our love,Jennifer

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh she is going to LOVE the Wiggles concert... I was lucky enough to go to one and took my niece (when I was still living in Australia) and I think I had MORE fun then my niece did... yep, these guys were kind of laughed at but are having the last laugh... they were actually a band called 'The Cockroaches' in the 1980's and had a few hits but are laughing all the way to the bank... I will be the first to admit they are good but after a while to hear the CD's etc enough is enough... hehehehe - as long as kids love them that is all that matters...