Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rachel and Danielle's Surgeries

On Tuesday Dr Li decided to operate on Rachel and she went into the OR first. Rachel had been on strong antibiotics to treat her lungs which had been infected and with which we had struggled with for a long time. The surgery went well and Dr Li repaired the VSD and the ASD, which is basically two holes in different parts of her heart. The problems arrived the first night and the Dr Li was called back to the SICU. Rachel was put onto the ventilator to help her breathe. Her lungs were not able to do it on their own. He did not tell me until Wednesday morning what had happened because he did not want me to worry. She is still on the ventilator and Dr Li just told me that it will take a few more days.

With Danielle is was an amazing experience. The echo and the cath both showed that a very important part of her heart was missing. If her pulmonary pressure was low enough he was going to put in the directional glenn and if it was too high, there was a chance that her chest could be to small for another shunt and we would have to wait until she was older. The chances were good that she would have a three stages heart repair which would be done over time. An hour into the surgery Dr Li came into the hospital room. As soon as I saw him in his scrubs my heart just sank and I tried to prepare myself. But the news was great. The missing part was there after all and now we had to make an on the spot decision. He could patch everything up and repair her heart in one surgery but the mortality rate is 10%. I just had to ask what he would do and he said go ahead and I just took a breath, said a quick prayer and signed the paper. Off Dr Li went. He is pleased with the way the surgery went, but Danielle s not out of the woods yet. The SICU is still a dangerous time.

I know you are praying for them and I appreciate that so much.

Today is Children's Day in China. I love that there is a day like this. Dr Li's contribution is to go and do free consultations downstairs all day long. I guess they placed an advert in the paper for all the specialists to be available.

Jenni and I are heading home with Rebecca and Olivia on Saturday so that we can prepare for Jonas' big day.

Love and laughter,

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redmaryjanes said...

Your babies are always on my mind. I will continue to pray.