Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another surgery is done

Rachel got her surgery yesterday and her lungs seemed to clear enough that Dr Li went ahead with the surgery and she is now in SICU.

Danielle had a temperature of 38.4 and in true Chinese style the nanny and the nurses freaked out and started sponging her with her cold rag. This is not even a low grade fever. I had mentioned to Dr Li that she was cutting four teeth and this is the reason why I thought her temperature was a little elevated. Dr Li could not do the suregery because he could not tell how high it would have spiked and that make a difference. He left instructions not to interfere with any treatment fr the fever but I guess not even he could stop the fear of the fever. He will do surgery again tomorrow and so Danielle is back on the schedule again.

As for the rest....Rebecca is still showing signs of a speedy recovery. Olivia is behaving normally and is weepy and in constant need of care. Danielle is busily growing teeth and it could not have come at a worse time when she is suppose to be getting heart surgery too. We are doing well and I am so grateful for all the visitors and the things they have brought to eat.

Love and laughter,


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redmaryjanes said...

I'm glad that for the most part, everything is going extremely well. I hope that the fever goes down soon.