Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gripe Water, my magic wand

I have often mentioned the "magic" water that I give the babies. I have heard that it is really hard to find in the US so I have never mentioned much about it again, because I did not want you make you want something you could not have. I have my shipment flown in from England and Australia, so I can hear those friends say to the Americans what took you so long to discover this secret?

Just to explain to you how wonderful this stuff is Nathaniel, Rachel and Jasmine drink twice the amount of formula when they have gripe water 10 minutes before giving them their bottles. It helps their stomachs so much and it prevents them from being gassy, griping, crying, screaming and the like. For the cleft palette babies is makes the word of difference as we found with Michael, Gabriel and Sarah, since they drink so much air. I can say that I think it has saved some of the babies lives who have struggled to eat like Nathaniel. Jasmine set a new record this week by picking up 0.6kg IN ONE WEEK. That is one and a third pounds. That is such wonderful news as I get her ready for surgery in two months.

Well, last week Kay found the Gripe water on :) This is for a 4 pack. Great price!! So here is the gift that for you or anyone you know with with a baby. They are going to love this gift.

I love sharing this "find" with you because I know how much it can help.

Love and laughter,
Unofficial spokeswoman of Woodward's Gripe water and proud user with many babies who thank them too.


TBG Happenings said...

Amanda, I think someone needs to contact gripe water for you, I am sure that they would happily send you what you needed.

any new pictures??? :)


asiangarden said...

I think it's pretty easy to find in the US now, I found "baby bliss" gripe water at my local super market.
Sometimes it works well....sometimes I wonder!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Malaysian living in Xi'an and this Gripe Water has been in used for years and years where I live. It's a trusted "supplement" and the taste is just simply great. [I've tasted it each time I gave to my son when he was a baby. :)]

Cheers ....... Sharon

Anonymous said...

This site sells a whole bunch of gripe water brands. We used baby's bliss too and it helped a lot with our younger one.