Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Adoptive parents

Here is an interesting article to read that will make all adoptive parents feel good. I wonder how it works when you have biological children and you are an adoptive parent.


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Shawnda said...

Hi! I found your blog from A Voice from a Third Culture! I've loved reading your stories - amazing!!! I just read the article you linked! Very interesting! We are adoptive parents to a 3 yr old and 2 yr old and have a 4 1/2 mo old bio baby! So, when I read your comment, of course, I had to read the article! : ) Thanks for sharing : ) Keep sharing - it's wonderful to hear grace at work!

Kristen said...

I saw this on the news (NYC) yesterday... Finally some good press for adoption.. it has all been so uninformed and negative lately, it's nice to hear some really positive things. Thanks for sharing it here!!
Blessings to you Amanda :o)

redmaryjanes said...

That is an interesting article. Our family is very blended. I have two children from a previous marriage and my husband has one. We have one child together and are adopting a child from China. I would say that we are VERY involved parents. Our oldest son says we are too involved.
I can say that I feel very helpless as an adopting mother. I'm used to knowing where my baby is, I controlled what food I ate and knew that I was getting excellent prenatal care. I felt like I was doing everything possible to ensure my baby's health and well-being. Right now I feel like my baby is out there needing me and I can't get to her. I worry and wonder about whether or not she is born, whether or not she has enough to eat and whether or not someone holds her when she cries.

Mei Mei Journal said...

We have three biological children, one adopted, and are paperchasing for one more. What I would like to think is that parents who have both adopt because they are very involved parents to begin with. This is my first comment, but I read your blog faithfully. You are an inspiration!