Friday, February 02, 2007

Curtis Musical Lips

I thought I would share this really cute story with you. The Britton family comes over every Tuesday afternoon. Elise helps me weigh and measure the babies and the kids spend time playing with the rest. They have been doing this since I started in September 2005, unless they were out of town. Curtis is 8 and a half years old. Elise just send this:

Yesterday, as we were going through the Music part of Curtis' school lesson, I realized yet another way that his life is affected by the orphanage. I had introduced the "treble clef" sign to him the day before and asked if he could remember what it was called. He very confidently stated that it's the "cleft palate sign". Not in every kids' every day vocabulary.

Gotta love that!!

Love and laughter,
(who is not musical at all and can hardly sing)


redmaryjanes said...

Your love and compassion is being passed on to others.

redmaryjanes said...

Maybe one day this boy will start throwing starfishes back into the sea....