Thursday, February 01, 2007


Thank you so much for all the comments you send to me via the blog. Because I am in China I cannot respond to the comments directly, when I do, I get denied access to the blog for a few weeks. If you have a question and you want an answer from me please feel free to write to me at I promise to write back, but I am not promising when. I get asked a lot of questions and if I have the answer I will give them to you or tell you were to look.

I do get a lot of questions about specific babies I care for. I have no power or authority to match children with families. That is in total control of the China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) in Beijing. I just foster care them until the adoption. After the necessary paperwork for their dossier is completed, I wait to be told a few days in advance when the babies will be picked up by their families. My responsibility in all of this is that simple. It is the prerogative of the CCAA to send the babies to which ever agency they choose. There are currently more than 200 agencies registered and I have no idea where the dossiers will be sent, so I cannot help you with that information either. I have also promised not to reveal the Chinese names and date of birth to anyone. I am trying to remain true to my word. I want to avoid the fiasco of a few months ago when someone approached the CCAA directly. You have no idea the kinds of trouble this causes for people in China at all levels of this process. I do not want to loose the responsibility of take care of these babies which is a very real concern for me.

I know there are many other ways "find" the babies and I hope that you will be creative. That is how Nina's family found her, that and quick thinking. There is hope but please do not pin all of that hope on this idea. There are so many children who need a family and who will grow into wonderful children with an abundance of that familial love and care. My little seeds are already blooming but it could be your duty to make yours flower and to do that you have to start the nurturing right from the beginning. I know there is not just one right child for adoptive families but many. Why am I so strong in my belief? I see evidence of this everyday. I see the capacity that families have to love, love strong enough to heal a child's heart.

Love and laughter,


Journey to Lilly! said...

ohhhh!! God Bless You & your efforts!
Kim Pintaro

Veronika said...

Blessing to you and your beautiful babies. All one can do is pray that each and every baby will find the perfect family for them, even though I would like to adopt one or two or 10 of your babies myself. ;-)

Kristen said...

Again.. Thank You for all that you do, and my hope for you is that you never suffer any consequence that could impede your ability to care for these children.. they need you as do we.