Saturday, February 03, 2007

Baby Amanda in February

I love getting these letters knowing how well our girls are doing. I love knowing that they are all talking and that their lives are all that I could have imagined and more. Here is a message from Amy:

It's going really well. Amanda just keeps blooming in front of our eyes. She says new words everyday. Book, Diaper, Thank you, she said night night loud as day the other night as we were going upstairs to bed.

Amanda, Michael and I end up going to bed around 7pm, we watch a little spongebob upstairs and the three of us are usually out by 8pm... but then we're all up at 5am :O) Christie usually stays up till 9pm and wake up at 7am. Amanda, Michael and I go get McDonald's for breakfast. Amanda's crib is still in our room.

The picture is celebrating Christie's birthday!!!

Love and laughter,


Karin said...

So glad I found your blog. I am in the midst of gather my paperwork for a China adoption. Now that I've found you I imagine I will be reading your blog to help me pass all the waiting time I have ahead of me. I admire all you are doing and am intrigued by your unique station in life.

Fowler family said...

What a cute story. Thanks for sharing all of your heart warming posts Amanda