Monday, September 25, 2006

We are in Hangzhou

We made it to Hangzhou. Laura Shang, the woman who helped me set up the foster home and one of the nannies Liu Ing travelled with me. It was Liu Ing's first plane ride!! I would have been totally and utterly nuts to have taken more than one baby by myself. Jade had become extremely clingy and will very seldom let anyone else hold her. We spent two nights with the Lamb family in Shanghai and I loved having a few days of rest and relaxation before we got to the stress of being in the hospital. They had such delicious foreign food, even Laura and Liu Ing liked it. Today were we back to the sweet taste of Hangzhou food. Very different from Shaanxi food which is very spicy and sour.

It was great to see Dr Li again. I trust him so much to do what is right for the babies and that is very calming. As soon as we arrived Dr Li started doing testing. It would seem that is everything goes well Angel could be on her way home by as early as Friday or Saturday. Angel obviously has the easiest condition to repair and Dr Li will not be doing surgery as such. He is going to repair the valve which is restricting the flow of blood to Angel's heart, by expanding it with a balloon which will go to her heart through a vein in her leg. That is the simple way of explaining it. Jade will have her operation scheduled on Thursday and Benjamin is also going to have a CATH with Angel on Wednesday but I think Dr Li needs to look at the inside of his heart before he can determine what is going on and he will also do that through a vein in his leg. Benjamin will be scheduled for surgery on Friday. I do not have too many details right now because all the tests results are not yet in. As soon as I do I will let you know.

You might want to know that Kay named the three stooges: Aaron, Nathaniel (the smallest with the biggest name) and Hank. They sound like a baseball team. From what I hear they are doing just fine and eating well in spite of their cleft lips. Hank is has the cleft lip that reminds me very much of Jonas', it is only half way up his lip.

Thank you so much for all your support and love.

Love and laughter,

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FatcatPaulanne said...

Give the little guys a hug from us! We can't wait to see pictures!