Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Additions and Adoption Papers!

Today is another big day for us. All the paperwork is finally finished and Laura took it up to the Big O. It has to go to a few other government departments before it is ready to go to the CCAA in Beijing. I am praying that there is no more snags because it has taken us more than a month to get this all ready. I have learned a lot about the process and I hope that next time it will be more efficient. These babies of mine need to be with families. Every day that becomes more and more apparent. My purpose is not to take care of healthy babies but to help babies who are in need.
I also just got the news that the director of the orphanage has granted my request for six new babies. There are going to be 12 babies at my house!!!! I am not completely crazy. There is a method to my madness. The interns will be arriving from the US in the early part of May. Because there are going to be so many hands and coupled with the fact that the babies need intense care for the first month, I thought it would be a good time to make some additions. I am giving them a day or two to get over their jet lag. The Americans will be here for three months and by that time we could have some more babies ready for adoption. To be honest I am scared. I remember just how hard the first month was and how little I slept. Hopefully I will not make the same mistakes again and my experiences since then counts for something. I am really eager to have the first adoptions also take place during that time. I can just imagine what an awesome experience that is going to be for all involved. Bittersweet for me to say the least.
We are getting ready for Nina's birthday on April 18. We now have one radio station and one TV station coming to the party. They both bringing cakes and I just have to do the rest. I am afraid that it is going to turn into chaos. I will take pictures to prove it. have included the pictures I took for their files. They got new clothes donated by Jeannie Butler and I thought they were all so beautiful. I will be sending pictures again soon. We will be taking our Easter pictures this week.
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