Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Bath Time!!

I have been really busy with all the paperwork and medicals for the adoption of the babies. On Monday I thought everything was done. No, they keep on coming with new things they have fogotten. Now I am waiting to see just what dates will be given as their birthdays. I am hoping to get the six out of here in a hurry and then get some more babies to take care of. I can't believe I am actually saying that considering how hard the first lot was during those early months, but I willing to do it again.

Talking about getting new babies. After Dr Han from the Big O saw just how good a job we did with Antoinette, must have said something to the director because she asked us on Monday to take some more babies.

At our house we are in the teething mode big time. Amanda's two bottom teeth are through. Laura is getting four of her top teeth at the same time. The first two are through and the left but the right ones will still be a few days. Nina is getting her fifth tooth on the bottom left. Everyday I stick my finger in some one's mouth to feel for teeth.

The sleeping situation has improved so much and that has made life so much better for me. Most of the time all the babies only wake up one time at around 1:30am. Just my luck when I am having a decent night's sleep, I will start the process all over again!

Susan is finally recovered. She is still weary of strangers but she is eating her fill with cereals and baby food. I am so amazed at just how much food that child can consume. She eats as much as Nina and Jonas and she is half their size. She was the top weight gainer this past week during their weekly weigh in. She is sleeping so much better and that is such a relief. The scream-crying has almost stopped.

I found out that there will seven people be coming from function BYU for three months this summer, some students and a professor and his two daughters. They are working on a university project but will also be helping with the babies. It is going to be an exciting time for them. We are going to have some adoptions and we are going to start with new babies. By the time they go home there will be able to see a marked improvement with the new babies. I am so grateful for their help and the company.

Mark April 21 on your calendar. It is going to be a historic day for my little foster home. That is the day a big philanthropic foundation is having their board meeting during which they will decide whether or not to increase the funding and thus allow us to take on more babies. We have been working on a business plan which we have to submit on April 1.

I am sending some photos that were taken last Tuesday. Elise Britton who comes every Tuesday to weigh and bathe the babies and last week decided to use the big tub. She has been doing them one at a time but decided to try the mass approach this week. I just loved these pictures. Nina was in there the longest. She really loves the water and played in it for a longest time as the other four got in and out. Susan was in there by herself.

We will also be having our first birthday party. Nina will be turning one.

Love and laughter,


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