Sunday, July 01, 2012

Update on AMANDA!

Dear friends,

I wanted to take time to write and update on how I have been doing.  I appreciate your emails and messages, but have not been able to answer every one.  Please know that I read them and it keeps me buoyed up that so many of you keep me in your daily prayers.  I am comforted to know that I am not in this on my own.

Six weeks ago I began a chemotherapy cycle of three weeks on of chemotherapy, followed by one week off.  I typically go in on Mondays and am at the chemotherapy clinic for 4-5 hours.  The chemotherapy makes me completely exhausted, but I have not had nausea or vomiting.  My hair did start falling out again, so I recently cut it very short but did not shave it bald.  I am on my second cycle of this chemotherapy regime.

This past Monday, however, my hemoglobin (red blood cell) counts were too low so I was not able to receive chemo this week.  I did get a blood transfusion of 3 units, which took all day to infuse.  The doctors decided to repeat my CT scans now rather than waiting till the middle of July, and the reports did not show good news.  The chemo is not working at all, and my cancer has progressed.  I am in the hospital now, and had a small procedure to alleviate some symptoms I was having.  The doctors are also working on the best type of pain control for me.  We are deciding on a new course of action given the recent results of the CT scans, and will pass that on as it evolves.

I am so grateful for the excellent care that I am getting here in Nashville, and I want you to know that I am battling as hard as I can.  Please keep sending emails, and know that I read and treasure them even if I cannot respond.  I thank you for your prayers.  They are truly felt.

Life, love and laughter,



Tiffany Stott said...

I'm so lucky to have meet you you touched my heart

Thomas McFarland said...

Dear Amanda,It is my Prayer that God release you from this cancer and hold you close and comfort you in these trials.I Pray a speedy recovery for you and know always,you are cared for. Thomas.