Monday, June 25, 2012

Megan is with her FAMILY!

I just had to share the great news that MEGAN is now with her forever FAMILY!  I received an email from her new parents and wanted to share.  I am so happy for them all.

Life, Love and Laughter,


Hi everyone! We finally met Megan this afternoon. When we arrived at the civil affairs office she was with the director and several nannies from the foster home...and was fine until we came in. Then she made it absolutely clear she was not happy with the situation and she screamed and cried for a good 15 minutes or more. Once she began to calm down and let us hold her and feed her some snacks, her caregivers left. She tolerated having pictures taken for paperwork and was not thrilled with the van ride back to the hotel but she got playing with the picture we gave her that had a recorded message from us--a favorite item from our package we were told, she loves to push the button.
There was a faint glimmer of hope when we put her in the stroller to go upstairs. She tried to hide it, but the birds in the lobby and fish pond outside the window caught her interest as we passed them. For some reason, our key card would not unlock the door so while Bryan and Kirsten went back to the front desk to have it fixed, I pushed her up & down the hall in the stroller. We began to 'chase' Ruth who got to laughing and there was almost a smile on Megan's face.
Because it was already dinner time and we were told she was hungry (for rice she told our guide), we decided ordering in was the way to go. She didn't want to get out of the stroller so out we went again to see the birds, fish and chase Ruth while we waited. We wheeled her back into the room and played some Shaun the Sheep while starting her on rice. Shaun the Sheep drew out her first smiles as well as eating her rice. Then she saw the girls eating pizza and she wanted some...ended up eating a whole small slice we cut up for her then continued on with Cheerios, mostly because we were letting her use the spoon and she was having a grand time trying to feed herself.
She still did not want to get out of the stroller even though it was past her bedtime, so we put the girls in the bathtub and wheeled Megan right in the bathroom. When she saw what they were doing, there was no resistance getting her out of the stroller and into the tub. She loved having water poured over her. The girls have high hopes that she will enjoy the pool with them tomorrow.
She is finally sleeping now, but she will not let us put her in the crib and at first she would not even let us sit down. Now she is sleeping in Bryan's lap in the chair and happy unless he shifts or gets up and tries to put her in the crib and then she whimpers, so that might be the way the rest of our night goes. We need to be out at 8:30 for the paperwork tomorrow, so hoping we all get enough sleep and tomorrow goes better for her...
Enjoy the attached pictures!


Thomas McFarland said...

Megan is very "PRECIOUS" and I will Pray or her comfort and trust.A little time and trust will help her settle.I am sure she will be ok .cared for and Loved.The other little ones around will be a great comfort.Thank you for sharing her with us but most of all,Thank you for sharing your lives,love,and care for Gods children of need.Within a short time she will know and understand what it is that is special about the changes now in place.God Bless your family !!!

Shanell said...

I'm so happy for Megan and her family! I was able to see her earlier this month at the foster home and she's a doll. We had fun reading together, playing in the swing, and working a bit on standing. And yes, she loves trying to feed herself! I'll never forget her beautiful smile and of course, all that hair!