Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Update on Amanda

It has been such a busy last week but we wanted to give a quick update on Amanda.  She is getting stronger everyday and has been out and about in Nashville between trips to the hospital.  This week she had an MRI of her hips to evaluate the suspicious area noted on her PET scan, and the MRI is NEGATIVE for no radiation now!  She also had a repeat MRI of her brain which is also NEGATIVE for cancer.  The current plan is to have surgery on April 11 to remove the localized areas of cancer (i.e. perform the hysterectomy).  The doctors here are eager to see if she has a very unique acting squamous cell cancer OR two different primary cancers.  Either way, it goes along with Amanda never doing anything the "normal/easy" way!  After the surgery, there is a possibility that Amanda will wait and return to the doctor 4-6 weeks later for repeat scans to see how things are looking.  She has not received any chemotherapy since arriving in Nashville, and continues to be pain free!  Thank you for all of the prayers.  She feels them and they are so needed for April 11's surgery!  Amanda is so thankful for all of the blessings she has received with her medical care and medical news!

Amanda moved into her duplex, "The Chipmunk Cottage," yesterday.  John and Sarah Rummage have graciously offered this to Amanda for her stay here, and they are right next door.  We are so thankful for the Rummage's love, openness, generosity, and willingness to serve Amanda.  My kids (especially Florie) were sad to see her move out, but I think she will like having a little quiet time here and there too.

She has been to the library, several parks, orphan alliance meetings, missionary talks, church, numerous restaurants, Target, Whole Foods, Costco, and more.  She even had a celebrity sighting yesterday and saw Keith Urban!  She also has had some professional pictures made and we will share those soon!
OF COURSE, she has been on the computer and Skype with Starfish and the Starfish Board who are all working diligently to keep the babies going strong!

Thank you for all of your prayers....please keep them coming!  April 11.....please pray for successful surgery!



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