Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It has been a complete whirlwind since Amanda arrived in Nashville!  She went into the hospital on Thursday, March 8 until Friday evening, March 9 and was able to have repeat CT scans, a port placed in her chest for future medications, repeat biopsies and more.  Saturday was her first "day" home without anything scheduled, and she rested and unpacked a bit.  Sunday she went to church with new friends, and then MONDAY was her BIRTHDAY. 
Sixteen old and new friends joined Amanda at Chuy's Mexican restaurant for a fun filled and loud lunch.  Amanda's endocrine doctor gave her the thumbs up to have a piece of cake, and Stefanie made a beautiful cake just the way Amanda wanted...chocolate with cream cheese icing.  We had 4 kids there, and 3 were adopted from China.  It was a fun day and we enjoyed each other's company for 2 1/2 hours!
Birthday lunch....we did pick off a few of the extra carbs to make room for cake!  Priorities!

We filled the whole room

Sharing her LOVES...the Starfish babies!

Florie helping Amanda make a wish

Kristen and Amanda....Kristen visited Amanda with me in 2008

Amanda and two amazing Rummage women who help children around the world!

Amanda and Jeannie, one of her dearest friends and supporter since 2005 when Starfish opened

Amanda and Sherry, a new friend from Amanda's church who is so supportive

Amanda and Wendy who helps support Starfish and Jeannie's organization

Michelle and Amanda....new friends, but Michelle has run 1000 errands for me in the last 2 weeks!

Amanda, Kelly and Chase (who just had 4 shots :(  ). Kelly is a new friend, mom of 7, and helps a ton with my kids so I can help Amanda

Amanda and Stefanie....the cake maker and past organizer of a huge Starfish support in Nashville

Amanda and her Chinese baby friends (a few of them) in Nashville

Later that day, Amanda was connected to the internet for the first time since she left China.  There simply has not been time, and when she did check her mail, she had almost 2,000 messages to go through!  I have read all of her Facebook posts on her page to her, and she is so thankful for your prayers and blessings!  She is slowly but surely working her way through the email messages.
We would like to try to organize a Starfish alumni reunion in Nashville maybe in the early summer.  We will know a lot more after tomorrow when Amanda goes for a very early morning PET scan and then to her appointment at noon to follow up with her oncologist and find out the current results/standing/thoughts on her cancer.  Prayers are very much needed and appreciated!  So all of you wonderful Starfish alums, please start thinking together of a good time....and we will too!  Seeing her babies in their families will feed her soul so much!!
Today we did venture out to get healthy food at Whole Foods and a few items at Costco.  Amanda enjoyed being up and walking, and we hope to schedule more daily exercise in her routine. Again, tomorrow....a big day!
Thank you for your patience, and support.  Thank you for your cards in the mail.  She loves them!

Will send more tomorrow...


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