Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Amanda Day 1 in Nashville

On behalf of Amanda, I wanted to give an update of her first day in the states.  She had a great trip from China.  The medical escort was wonderful and took away any stress that Amanda had.  She even slept 9 hours on the way from South Korea to Atlanta!  Amanda was very happy to arrive safely in Nashville and was able to talk, eat a good meal, and watch a little HGTV before heading to bed.

This morning her day began with a rigorous reading time with my youngest child.  I think Amanda almost became hoarse from reading aloud, but she really enjoyed it too. She already misses her babies fiercely, and her drive to see them again is her biggest motivation to fight this cancer.  She was able to eat a good breakfast and get a short nap in before heading to her visit at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center.

Amanda and I were there four hours.  She met several amazing doctors and nurses who were in AWE of Amanda.  She was very open and comfortable with them, and had most of them in tears with her continually positive outlook on her illness.  It was agreed that Amanda will be admitted to the hospital in the morning so we can get the several things needed to be done completed in the shortest amount of time.

She will have a port-a-cath placed which will make any IV needs much easier to achieve.  Amanda will have CT scans to assess what has happened since her first chemotherapy round in China, and will also have a biopsy again to verify the diagnosis made in China.  She will meet with nutritionists and endocrine doctors to simplify her diabetes care plan, and will also see social work.  Amanda is eager to have this hospitalization started, and we hope to have her back at my house by Friday night or Saturday morning.

I have read all of your emails to her, and Facebook posts, and she loves them all.  Please keep them coming.  She is very tired and has very little energy after days like today to reply individually, but was very insistent that I send an update tonight. Amanda wants each of you to know that she is well.  She fell asleep about 8 pm tonight after hugs from  my little ones, and will hopefully sleep well most of the night.

The next few days will be very trying.  Please pray for Amanda, her spirit, and pray for the babies at Starfish.

Thank you all very much for your support and love.  She feels it so very much!


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Thank you so much for all that you are doing for Amanda. It is comforting to know that she has such a good friend. We will definitely continue to pray for Amanda and the Starfish babies!! Every Thursday AM there are at least 30 women praying for Amanda as well. We are so happy that Amanda is in Nashville receiving such good care. All Our Love to you, Shae Rose Ju Johnson and her family in Fortson, GA