Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update February 19

Update on Amanda from Patrick McLaughlin, Starfish Board President
As of Sunday, February 19th noon est

As we enter the fourth week of Amanda's admission to the hospital tomorrow, I am happy to report that the situation has shifted from "all hands on deck" to one of "steady as she goes." Through the super-human efforts of friends in Xi'an and abroad, the fans of Amanda spread across the globe, the weary-eyed staff and volunteers at the foster home, and the tireless efforts of my fellow board members, Amanda and Starfish are weathering this storm. Here are the latest highlights:

1) I speak with Amanda daily and she sounds much better each time. She is clearly aware of the efforts being made on her behalf regarding both her health and all things at the foster home. Amanda is on a full-strength daily chemotherapy regimen. This treatment will continue for about three more weeks at which time the team of attending physicians will review the progress of their efforts. I have had frank discussions with Amanda about the serious nature of the cancer. She understands that the path to recovery will be full of ups and downs and she is willing to take it on.

2) Amanda spoke of the overwhelming support that has buoyed her spirits over the past four weeks. She also told me that she will stockpile all of the positive energy and use it to weather the tough days ahead. To that end, let’s keep that stockpile of positive "mo-jo" filled to the rafters for Amanda to fight the good fight.

3) I am happy to report that we also have the foster home at a point of equilibrium largely due to the efforts of the existing staff of nannies and volunteers and the recent arrival of Patrick Belnap our new interim executive director. Patrick has confirmed that the kids have smiles on their faces, full bellies, and are seeking his full attention. Patrick has also engaged with our staff of nannies and has reassured them of Starfish’s continued support of their work.

4) On the subject of future updates, you have certainly noticed that I have moved from daily updates to once or twice a week. This change can be directly attributed to the "balance" we have achieved over the past three weeks. We are out of the emergency mode and into a daily management of the key issues. You have my commitment that if the news out of Xi'an changes dramatically I will share the facts with you.

Thank you and we appreciate your kindness and support!

Patrick McLaughlin and the Starfish Board


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