Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Starfish Update February 15!

Update on Amanda from Patrick McLaughlin, Starfish Board President
As of Wednesday Morning, February 15th, 2012 at 10am EST 

To all our Starfish friends,

* Thank you for all your prayers, concern, love and care for our Executive Director, Amanda.

I am happy to report that she is responding well to the chemotherapy and her pain management is under control. I have personally spoken with her several times and she is more alert and engaged than earlier. Amanda's oncology care is being continually reviewed by top physicians from Beijing and she will continue her chemotherapy treatments for another 3-4 weeks. As part of her therapy the women who are watching over her get her up three times daily for a walk. The direction of further treatment will depend on brain MRI test results and how well she continues to respond to the chemotherapy.

* A number of hospitals have offered various levels of service for Amanda's future treatment.

These have been noted and put on reserve until we see how things go with Amanda in the next few weeks. We appreciate all the efforts and outreach of so many. If you have a viable medical treatment or hospital offer that you feel the Board should add to our list of considerations, please e-mail We ask that you vet the offer before coming to us. As you can imagine, we are inundated with e-mails -- and want to use our resources investigating solid leads that have an established connection with those running the operations of the medical center.

* The Starfish Foster Home is operating well.

We have sent an interim director, Patrick Belnap, to Starfish who will be arriving there today and will hit the ground running. He has worked closely with Amanda in the past and is very familiar with Starfish and its operations. We are confident that he will be a strong asset to the changing needs of Starfish at this time. Lawyers continue to engage all relevant authorities to stay on top of the fluid situation at Starfish.


Jeannie Butler, a very close friend to Amanda and major supporter of Starfish, is going to China to be with Amanda - she will leave on March 1st. If you would like to send Amanda well-wishes in the form of a card or letter, please send them to Jeannie Butler to be received Jeannie no later than February 27, 2012 :

Caring for China's Orphans
PO Box 210003
Nashville, TN

We appreciate your kindness and support.

Sincere thanks, 
Patrick McLaughlin and the Starfish Board

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