Friday, June 03, 2011

Care4Tina Second Annual Medical Trip

Yesterday morning, I got a wonderful newsletter from the Dutch Foundation, Care 4Tina, about their very successful trip to China with their medical team. The success in my book is counted by the amount of surgeries they did, which landed up being 25 surgeries on 24 children.  Joy ended up having a palate surgery as well as hand surgery. This was their second annual trip to Xian Children's Medical Center, and we are so grateful to everyone for all the hard work.  It takes an enormous amount of effort to arrange everything and Care4Tina's Elise and Tineke did an amazing job. It is also challenging once you get to China and there are so many details to take care of.

Care4Tina did a before and after picture album which I cannot top and I would like to share that with you.  I am so amazed at the transformation that is possible. At Starfish, we express our thanks to Dr Johan Vehof and Dr Kho with all the medical staff and volunteers.  I hope that this trip will help you to feel that you have a made a huge difference in the lives of the children you help and this life long gift.  You do such an excellent  job and I am so proud to be associated with you and to have your great works be in my house everyday as we prepare the babies for their families.  I hope there will be a couple of Dutch adoptions amongst these babies.  So many compliment you on the superior skills you share so willingly with the children. 

Until next year in China and March in Holland.  Yes people, I have been invited to be in the country of my forefathers again.  Looking forward to it.

Life, love and laughter,

At Starfish, we have taken care of 138 children to date, arranged more than 165 surgeries and had 57 international adoptions, so our little starfishes live all over the globe: the US, Netherlands, Norway, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Canada and in China.  Our latest adoption was to Australia  We currently have 50 babies under the age of 3 and a half at the foster home.  We have 14 babies who are matched and we are waiting for their families to come and get them, so there will be a mass exodus in the summer.

We had two medical teams successfully completed 35 cleft lip and palate surgeries in April and May.  We are so proud of these teams and want to thank them so much for their efforts.  Our grateful thanks to the Xian Children's Hospital for being the venue and for working so well with these teams.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely Fantastic !!! :)))

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Fantastic - God Bless the beautiful medical team !! :)))