Monday, April 04, 2011

Sadie (Carla Mei) to Spain, Adoption 46

I have to apologize, I am so behind with the adoption stories.  I have been incredibly busy at the new house and somethings have not gotten done. We are already at adoption 55 and there are two more in a week, so I am really behind.

Sadie came to us on April 1st, 2009 in a group of 8.  She was the next to last of the group to get adopted. The one thing I remember about her right from the beginning is that she had such a sad face.  All the early pictures of her showed such sad eyes but that went away as she got older.  The other thing I remember about Sadie is that her hair grew is such a strange way.  She had a reverse mohawk.  Instead if it being long it was very long and then she had hair long enough to make pony tails almost like horns.

She grew from just a little thing (2.70kg/6 pounds) to 10.5 kg/23 pounds in no time, because she slept and ate all of the time in the beginning.  She got one of the orthodontic molds but became an expert at spitting it out. In November 2009, we travel en masse to Beijing to have Dr Lisa Buckmiller do the surgery.  I tell you I will walk the earth with my babies to get to Dr Lisa.  We took 10 babies  and 10 caretakers and you cannot imagine the logistics of all of that. You might remember the trip that was even worse than that is the time we got stuck on a train for 55 hours, a trip that should have taken 20 hours.  We were also on our way to find Dr Lisa.  The amazing thing, which we found out later, after her lip surgery Sadie's palate healed itself.  This was the news that came after the adoption medical, I had never heard of this before. It was discovered later that there was still a small hole and she did have surgery after her adoption.

After being at Starfish for 17 months were were told that she was being adopted.  We had heard no news at all so I assumed that she was going to Europe and I was right.  Her family came from Spain and named her Carla Mei. The news that we have gotten about her is that she is doing really well and her family even sent a picture of her in front of their Christmas tree.

Life, love and laughter,

At Starfish, we have taken care of 128 children to date, arranged more than 130 surgeries and had 55 international adoptions, so our little starfishes live all over the globe: the US, Netherlands, Norway, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Canada and in China.  Our latest adoption, our third baby to Sweden was the first of March.  We currently have 43 babies under the age of 3.  We MOVED on January 14, 2011 and now live in our "castle".

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