Thursday, April 14, 2011

Josiah (James) Adoption 54 to Tennessee

Hi Amanda,
I wanted to take a moment and update on how Josiah (James) is doing since arriving home.  It is amazing how time flies, this week we will celebrate having him as a part of our family for two months.  We continue to be amazed at how blessed we are to have such a special child come into our lives.  He is a bright light and brings us great joy!
He is doing very well acclimating to life in America and life in our family.  He is the center of attention around here and that is where he loves to be :)  He began attending preschool two days a week recently at the school where I teach.  He has stolen the hearts of his teachers and loves playing with the other children in his class.  His favorite thing about school is his monkey lunchbox.  He wears it into the school across his shoulder proudly.  He is infatuated with all monkey things...the lunchbox, Curious George (books and TV), books, blankets, etc. 
He keeps us laughing with his musical performances - complete with microphone and his silly faces!  A doctor recently commented on his intimidating stare...we thought to ourselves "he does come from a land of warriors!"  It was his Terracotta Warrior stare!  He has discovered his reflection in the facet while in the bath tub and has long, expressive conversations with himself each night.  These conversations pick back up night after night! I would so love to know what he is saying, because whatever it is, he is feeling it from head to toe :) 
We are expecting a visit from family over the Easter weekend.  Two cousins, two Aunts and a Grandmother who live in Louisiana will be coming to visit and meet our little man.  I'm sure he will be good and spoiled at the conclusion of that visit.
We are still working to obtain a treatment plan for him with regard to his cleft lip and palate.  Our first visit with the cl/cp team revealed a hole that has opened up in his palate, as you suspected.  This will require another surgery to close. We meet with the surgeon again in early June to determine a timeline. There are some dental issues that we are trying to work through.  His front teeth have shifted forward due to the narrow upper jaw and so his palate will need to be expanded.  They are trying to decide how and when that should be done, he may be a bit young for that.  We have another appointment next week with a Pediatric Dental Specialist for another opinion. 
Josiah (James) will begin Early Intervention therapy in the next few weeks to help him with his communication and language skills.  I'm eager to begin this therapy to help him communicate his wants and needs.  We are hoping to add speech therapy early this summer.
He has attached to us so very well and I know it is because of all the love and attention you and the nannies showered on him.  What a great start you gave him.  Whenever he seems sad, I pull out the many pictures from Starfish and we talk about all the people in China who love him.  This seems to bring him great comfort.
We are so thankful that God chose us to be the parents of this incredible child.  It is not anything we planned or expected, it was a very clear call from Him.  I've said before, what we had before Josiah came into our lives was very, very good.  What we have now is BETTER! 
We hope you are all doing well.  We are keeping up with you and all the new babies.  You are all in our thoughts and prayers as you make a difference in lives of these precious children.
Harold, Donna, Luke, Hannah and Josiah James

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