Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Adoption 42: Update on Noa in Alabama

Here are some pictures of our beautiful Noa at a little party held in her honor.  She is wearing the dress you all gave her to us in.  She looked like a little princess.  She has changed so much this last week.  She is very willing to interact and ask other women to hold her.  She is much more loving and affectionate to us as well.  She needs a lot of hugs and kisses and sticks her head over for us to kiss!  She understands every single thing we tell her to do but she still is not saying much.  She has, however, learned to say, "OUCH".  very important in this family!  She says, "Uh Oh" and she is trying to say many other words.  She loves music and she dances quite well.  She also sings for us.  I continue to be amazed and thankful at how well she was loved.  Please tell her nannies again how much they mean to us!!! 

On a funny note...Troy is blaming Grandma Lila for Noa literally dragging him to the refrigerator for milk at 3am!  I told her she spoiled her that first 6 weeks and Noa has not forgotten it!  Also, she continues to test normal in her hearing tests.  It's really weird but when we were looking at her pictures every time someone would send them to us before we got her we really could see her little princess-like attitude.  We now know we were correct and she only listened to you when she wanted to. She had you fooled!  I'm glad she did!!!!!! 

love, love, love,

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