Thursday, December 23, 2010

Adoption 39: Update on Nick (Jacob) New York State

Hello Starfish Family and Merry Christmas,

Hard to believe but we are home with Jacob (formerly Nick) over 3 months now. He is starting to settle into his new home with his new family. When we arrived back home in New York, Jacob had a hard time adjusting. He was very scared and gave us a very difficult time at night. He would get very frustrated because he was not able to communicate in English and we were not able to communicate in Chinese. Temper tantrums were an hourly thing for our little man. We were fortunate to have professional support who helped us to understand what he is going through. Now he is much happier and is talking up a storm. Most times we can clearly understand him and some we are still working on. Jacob is now in a program called Early Intervention. He has a Speech Therapist and a Special Education Teacher who works with him 2 days a week. He loves when they come to visit him each week.

Jacob enjoys playing with his trains, trucks, and cars. He loves to be outside. It does not matter to him how cold it is. The past week our temperature was barely over freezing during the day and in the teens in the evening. His cheeks get very rosy when he is cold, tired, or hot. He looks so cute!

On November 24th Jacob turned 2. We had a party for his big day at our home. His grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins all came to celebrate. At first he was a little frightened with all the new faces in our house but he soon was playing and laughing with everyone.

Jacob's health has been good. He gets the occasional cold as most children do at this time of the year. He has visited the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. He is going for a hearing test tomorrow. He will most likely have to get tubes in his ears in January. He will also need surgery in the Spring to repair his cleft pallet. Otherwise Jacob is a very happy and healthy two year old.
Jacob is now beginning to enjoy sitting in the rocking chair with me and we read many books. He loves Thomas the Train, Mickey Mouse, Dora the Explorer, and any book which has animals in it. After the holidays we will be joining a toddler gymnastics program, a children's story time at our local library, and a Mommy and Me play group.

Jacob has been to his big sister Emily's classroom a number of times. He helped me with their Halloween party, and Christmas party. The children love when he comes to visit. They make him feel very welcome and they love to show him what they are learning in class.

We are so blessed to have Jacob as our son. He is full of so much life. We appreciate all of the love, support, and kindness he received while in your care. We will continue to send you updates on Jacob's health and development.

All of our warmest wishes to you.
With love,
Betty, Scott, Emily and Jacob

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