Friday, December 10, 2010

Adoption 37: Bai Lang (Lucas) in Holland

As you might know we have 5 Starfish children in the Netherlands. It is amazing how this has happened.  I joke all the time about my ancestors who left the Netherlands in the 1600's to go to Africa.  I am now making sure I am sending back from China to add to the 16 million Kaaskopje (the original cheese heads, they have shops that just sell cheese).  We not only send babies to the Netherlands but we have had some really helpful Dutch volunteers and we are now working with a Dutch charity group to raise money.  Well this is a letter from Bai Lang's family who waited for five years for their son. It makes me sad when I hear this because there are so many children who can use a loving home. The book she is talking about is the scrapbook's that we give to each baby as a memento from their time at Starfish.  Virginia, Page and all their volunteers who help with the books, do such an awesome job.  They make two copies.  One for the family and then they send one to us in China.  My most grateful thanks to them.

Dear Amanda,
Bai Lang is doing great. He is a wonderful and very social boy. He does speak a lot of Dutch words and he is starting with making sentences. Also he learn two Dutch songs. He has new friends and he loves our two dogs en two horses. He is playing a lot with Senna (his niece). In January he starts with the playgroup (twice a week for two hours).

Bai Lang likes to look television and after diner he wants to see The Wiggles. He wants to introduce The Wiggles to all the people in Holland. He also like the computer and every day he jumps at the trampoline. Today he gets his own computer.
Last week we get Bai Lang's book from Youp's dad (Justin's dad) because they have accidentally sent the book to the wrong address. It is a very beautiful and special book. When we look at the photos we get from you, Bai Lang is still missing his friends, especially Hosea en Callum (Bai Lang says the names Catea and Ado).  All the pictures, films, story and book is a very GREAT gift for us. Thanks a lot.

In Holland we have contact with Youp's dad, Elise and Jian's mother. We hope we will meet them next year. We already sent a copy from The Wiggels to Jian.
A lot of greatings from Bai Lang. Marc and Addie
*Also a lot of greatings to Hong Li. ( That was Bai Lang's nanny at Starfish)

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Anonymous said...

Hello! What has happened to little Joseph? May we please have an update on where he was adopted? Thanks!