Friday, October 15, 2010

Regards from Tim (now Kristian) in Denmark, Adoption 28

Hi Amanda

I just want to tell you that I am still doing good!! 

For every day that’s gone since I left China, I get more and more personality, and I “talk” all day long!! Sometimes I almost drive my mum and dad “crazy” I ask all the time; what is this and what is that, and every day I learn and remember something new! I now know the colors red, yellow, green and blue. I have learned to use a pot, even though I also still use diapers, because I don’t always remember to tell my mum, when I have to pee ….

In August I went to the hospital for examination for my cleft palate surgery. They found out that I have a “MRSA” bacteria. It is a staphylococcus, and they won’t do the surgery until it is gone, because if I get an infection the penicillin won’t do any good. So every day my mum and dad have to hot wash all our clothes, underwear, towels and bedclothes. My mum also have to clean every day and I have to have my nose greased 6 times a day whit some special cream. We have been through 2 periods of 5 days and I still have the bacteria, so in these days we go through period no. 3!! My doctor thinks that’s the reason why my lip wouldn’t heal when I got the surgery in China …… ??

August 29th I was baptized Kristian Balling. I had a great day with my closest family (32 people) and I got a lot of great presents. For example I got a wooden play house. I simply love to play in it, and I have all my outdoor toys in there, so they don’t get wet (it is raining a lot here in Denmark).

Today it is exactly 5 months since I met my parents for the first time. My mum printed out the Starfish logo and made a big copy for the wall in my room, and every night I say goodnight to Starfish

My mum and dad have started the approval course, for me to have a little sister or little brother from China. We all hope that we can have another Starfish baby. THAT WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY WONDERFULL!! But we have to wait for a long time, to see what’s happening.

I hope you are all still doing good in Xian, and hopefully you have found someone to help building/renovation the new Starfish house. It looks like a nice place!!

 Have a nice autumn!

Love  from Kristian (Tim), and his mum and dad

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