Sunday, October 17, 2010

News from Bryan (now TIM) in Sweden

Ash clouds and happines

Our trip to China became a dramatic story with cancelled flights and an ash cloud who tried to stop us to travel to China and fetch our boy. Despite the volcano in Island we came home from China in the beginning of May as planned. We have a lot of memories from China, especially we remember that Amanda in all ways made sure that our boy had everything he needed for the new life in Sweden.

Our life is very much changed after Tim came to us. Our two cats sometimes think “send him away”. But soon they will also realize that Tim will become something good in their life.

We are very grateful to Starfish who arranged a very good operation (lip/cleft) for our Tim. Our doctors here in Sweden say that it has been made in a terrific way and doesn’t need any improvements.

Every day involves progress for Tim and he discovers new things all the time. Some of them that we want to tell about are:

He has become good at walking and can now walk some kilometres in the mountains.

He is already good in football.

He can eat with the spoon and fork all by him self and nowadays also drink from a normal cup.

He sleeps the hole nights (12 h)

He talks a lot and sometimes some Swedish words.

He is seldom ill and has seldom colds.

He is stubborn.

He has a best friend called Malte but maybe he misses his friend now living in Denmark.

It is all a big adventure and every day are different from the others and we hope that all of you that has become a child from Starfish sometimes thinks about the little foster home.

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