Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lily Adoption 19 Living in Maine

Lily has had an amazing summer.  She continues to amaze us!!  We were at Wal Mart the other day and she saw some Pringles on a shelf.  She quickly told me "Those are Chinese and I have them at Amanda's House". (That is totally true)  It has been a 1 1/2  years since her adoption and she still loves on you Amanda and her buddies at Starfish.  It makes my heart smile and I know how deeply my girl loves - thank you for teaching her that!! She plays pretend and often visits Amanda as well as Saun's home :o)

Lily graduated from the Puggles program at church this past spring.  She walked up on stage and we received a big wave from her as we were sitting at the back of the church.  She was so proud to be on stage and we really had quite a time trying to get her off the stage. I had to include a picture of her cute little wave.

Lily and her sister Rose also became the proud owners of a puppy!!  The girls sure do love on him.  Lily loves to carry him around and treats Cuddles (the dog) like a doll.

Lily also made the transition to a big girl bed.  I had to send along a picture of her and her first night in the bed.  She wanted to go to bed VERY early that evening and she feels so grown up!!

Lily has made so many improvements medically.  We continue to reap the benefits of the excellent care she received at Starfish.  She is now fully potty trained.   We will start serial casting in a few weeks to lengthen her heel cord in hopes that her foot will move up and down.  As it is now, her foot stays in one position and for the past year we have been doing physical therapy to lengthen her heel cord.  The doctors hope that putting her in a cast, in the stretching position for a few days at a time, may lengthen her heel cord and surgery will not be necessary.  We pray that this works.  We know she will not like having cast on both her feet so please pray for me and that I might help her through the process.

Lily continues to delights us each day.  She loves her sister Rose so much and they are best buddies.  She has become a true Mainer this year and loves clams!!!  The girl loves seafood and we think a career on the lobster boat may be calling her!!

All our love,
Donna (for Mark, Rose and Lily too)

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Cindy Merino said...

My son had a similar casting procedure when he was about 6 months old. it was difficult and he couldnt crawl, so i decided to end treatment but continue the home streaching exercises. when he turned 12 and really started growing, he was in terrible pain because the tendon wasnt long enough to keep up with his foot growth. so please know it will all be worth it, even though it is inconvenient.