Thursday, September 17, 2009

News from Norway

You cannot imagine how surprised I was when I found out that Jeannie who became Ann Celine was going to Norway. I had no idea China was even doing adoptions to Norway. She became Simen's sister and as you can see from the photos is having a grand time. I love to see the pictures of all her travels, Greece and now Spain. I also have so enjoyed seeing how the women dress in their traditional costumes and I love seeing Anne Celine in her mini version. Here is a letter from her family. Just so that you know her birthday in August and she and Norah (Rachel) who is in the Netherlands share a birthday.

Dear Amanda
Thank you for the congratulations on Anne Celine's third birthday. She asked for her birthday weeks before because we had other in the family we celebrate, and she started to see that this is a big event. When the day came she was very excited and Simen had bought her small train, she had told him for weeks she wanted very much..We had a big celebration with our family.

It is over one year since we left China with her, the year have been a big change for Anne, now she is speaking Norwegian, in August she started in a new kindergarten, Ellen (mum) has been home with her until August 09. She likes her new kindergarten very much, she has already got new friends. The kindergarten is only a few minutes’ walk from home

This summer we have spent our holiday in Spain nearby Barcelona bathing and playing. Anne had a great time in the sun. We also had some holiday in Norway with fishing and boat life as we like to call it in Norway.

Anne is a little girl now, she is 95 cm and weight is 16 kg, she almost eat all food, but still I have to put some food in her mouth so she can taste. She loves to cycle outside and play in her room with dolls and loves to hear music and sing when she listens to the cd-player.

Her health is good, only a little cold this winter. The doctor told us after examined her that she is the most healthy adopted child he had seen, thanks to you at Starfish foster home.

We read all the mail you send us, and hope that Rose soon will have a family, I remember her and have send her many thoughts because I carry her at our visit at the foster home.

Love from Anne Celine, Simen , Jørgen og Ellen

Life, Love and Laughter,

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