Saturday, September 19, 2009

CCPF Bike and Hike Leaders Ride Free

I found out Children of China Pediatric Foundation (CCPF) soon after I started Starfish and took James (Jonas) and Laura Joan to them in 2006 for cleft surgery. Every year we have sent babies to this wonderful organization, who work so hard to help the children in China. Gena has been doing this for 14 years, ever since she adopted a daughter from here. Last year, I think the medical team had 25 members, including 4 different specialties, and offer the best help since many of the doctors are from NY PRESBYTERIAN and COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. Thank you to all people who volunteer. I would really like to encourage you to support this wonderful foundation because they really make a difference in the lives of children in China.

Life, Love, and Laughter,

Children of China Pediatric Foundation (CCPF)
CHANGE A LIFE! 2009 Bike/Hike

Be a team leader with a group of 10 or more and your registration is free!

Change a Life! 2009 Bike/Hike
Sunday, October 4, 2009
1:30-4 pm

Bike or Hike along the Hudson River and make a difference in the life of a forgotten child!
Click here to register or start your team:

Call 212-248-7561 or email for more information

Thousands of disabled children remain in Chinese orphanages because of their medical conditions and deformities. With your help, these children can receive life transforming surgeries.

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