Saturday, March 14, 2009

Princess Party Donations for Starfish

Dear Miss Amanda:

I had a princess birthday party a couple weeks ago, to celebrate my 8th birthday. All the girls in my class, and a couple other girlfriends came to celebrate with me. We watched a princess movie, then we took a group picture and decorated some pretty frames (to put the pictures in).

Next, we ate some cherry chip cupcakes--after I made my royal wish, of course! Finally, we played three fun games. The first one was pin the crown on the frog. Next, we went on a treasure hunt by feeling in a bowl of rice for jeweled hair clip "treasures". Our last game was princess bingo.

The best part of my party, though, was opening the donations all my friends brought for your babies at Chinese Starfish. For your birthday today, I wanted to give you the "gift" of my birthday party donations. The total is.................................2,000rmb!!

I hope this gift makes you happy, and helps your babies at Starfish. My daddy will send it to you on the computer. My mommy helped me attach some pictures from my birthday, so you can see how much fun we all had!

I miss you and was wondering when you'll be coming back to Shanghai? I hope to see you
soon! God Bless you and your babies...

Princess Alli

Life, Love and Laughter,

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