Sunday, January 18, 2009

Megan's (Jasmine) Christmas

Megan ( of the Three Flowers) had a blast at Chrsitmas and Santa sure found her as you can see from the pictures. Here is Megan's mom with an update and some pictures:

Hi Amanda,
Here are some pictures taken Christmas morning and Christmas Day. Megan's 2 big brothers came over in the morning and we had both sides of the family over during the day. It was a full house and a mound of presents of the girls. We got them the new play house and the girls just loved showing it off to various family members during the day. My brother was in town too and Megan is sitting on his lap in one of the photos.
Megan has really started talking and singing up a storm. Everyone has commented on how friendly she has become with all the family.
Megan had blood work done a few weeks after we got home and hers all checked out. We took her to the Foreign Adopted Children's Clinic at the Cardinal Glennon Children's hospital in St Louis. The lead doctor adopted 2 children from China so she has a fondness. Megan was there yesterday for a 6 mo follow up and she is really doing good. All of her gross & fine motor skills are at 2 - 2 1/2 yrs and her self-help skills are that of a 3yr old....go figure that with her stubbornness!!! Some more good news is she has caught up on her language skills and is at the 2yr level.
We already have plans to celebrate Chinese New Year - some of our friends started a local area support group which has grown to about 50 couples who have adopted from China. We have get togethers quarterly so all of the kids can play.
Take care, Leslie

Life, Love and Laughter,

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