Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Spirit

I never now what is going to end up in my email inbox, but I can tell you that it is always something interesting. I just love letters like this. Maybe I should give you a little background information. Matt who wrote this letter, is the son of Steve and Elva who are a retired couple teaching English in Xian at a local university. They wanted to help by raising funds for a surgery and ask their church in Virginia to help do that and three congregations in Virginia got involved. This is the reason Virginia got her name and also for the fact that Virginia is our scrapbook lady. Well, when I went in to find Virginia we also found Sophia and I brought them both home. They kindly accepted to sponsor both of them.

Last weekend a friend of ours, the musical Annie, Caramella and her musical friends were a little bored, so they packed up their instruments and went to the local Safeway late in the evening to play some tunes and see if anyone would donate money. You know - just for some nice clean teenage fun. After a while and lady came running across the parking lot singing Jingle Bells. She had a fist full of cash and threw it in their instrument case. She said that she was the owner of a restaurant called Hunan East and that she would like the group to come and play in front of her restaurant on Saturday from 12 - 4 and again the following Saturday. She would feed the youth and they got to keep any money they made.

So, on Saturday the youth went and played, making a nice wad of cash. They wondered what they should donate it to. It was decided that they would donate it to the Starfish Organization. This was especially fitting since the high school band the youth play in will be traveling to China next year.

For their performance this Saturday, they had a poster made with the photos of Virginia, Sophia and mom holding one of the babies displaying their worthy cause. We went to take pictures of them and make our own donation to the instrument case. It was wonderful. You could hear the music throughout the whole parking lot. Debbie, Annie's mom introduced Matt as the son of the people on the poster. Annie's bother and sister had come home from college and they joined the group too.

We are so proud of Annie and her friends for sharing their talents to bless the lives of others and for always setting a good example for those around they come in contact with.
I think that this exemplifies the true meaning of Christmas. Giving. Not only giving, but giving to those who are truly in need. I am so grateful for the example of these young people. Thank you so much to every one for you. By the way, I hear that they raised US$500 which will go a long way to the surgeries needed to repair Sophia bilateral cleft lip and palate. I think your Let's Band Together was such a great choice for a title.
Also you have a standing invitation to come to Xian and come and visit Starfish. There is another very famous attraction in town, called the Terracotta Warriors, you might want to visit them too. Let me know if I can help you to arrange a concert here since I have many resources at your disposal.

Life, Love and Laughter,

Starfish Foster Home

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