Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Anthony/Benjamin Birthday and Surgery

Anthony (Benjamin) just turned three and so many people have been asking about him since his serious heart surgery recently. Carrie, Anthony's mom writes about these two events and she also sent some photos.
Here are a couple of photos from Anthony's 3rd birthday on Sunday. As you can see, the theme was "Mickey Mouse" as he has some fascination with him and Minnie! So of course we had to have a Mickey Mouse birthday...the Wiggles was a close second with Thomas the Train....he settled on Mickey! Here are a few more photos of Anthony and his brothers anxiously awaiting his new toys!
Anthony is doing well since surgery but does require frequent blood work to keep his coumadin levels under control. He also takes aspirin and lasix for acute CHF (congestive heart failure) I don't think that diagnosis will be a permanent one, but since he has only 2 chambers now, he will not be able to properly get rid of the extra fluids. So he will need to take this medicine. We have regular check ups with a health nurse that comes once a week to monitor his weight and vital signs. So far everything has checked out fine! He has gained 1 pound since we left the hospital. We have now been home 5 weeks. He is doing remarkably!!!!! As you can see from the photos he looks fabulous! That smile is bound to melt this Mama's heart!!!!! He is back to preschool now 2 mornings a week and did qualify for services for speech. His incisions look great too with no signs of infection. He is a very active boy who loves life. He works hard at his speech and voices his needs. He has adjusted quite well to us over the last 6 months. I can't hardly believe that 6 months has passed so soon. Every day is a joy and a blessing to have Anthony in our lives.

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Jill said...

Wonderful story! So glad to hear he is doing well!