Thursday, December 18, 2008

Anne Celine (Jeannie) in Norway


We got lots of pictures and this letter from Anne Celine's (Jeannie) parents. I loved seeing her in her national costume especially becuase her mom wore hers and so did some of the other women. She also looks like she just loves her brother, there are so many pictures of them together. So here is their letter:

We are doing fine here in Norway, Anne Celine is growing fast 5,5 cm (86cm) and 1,5 kg in weight. New words are coming every day. On 26 October Anne Celine had her baptism with a big celebration. Two days a week Anne and her mum (Ellen) goes to the kindergarden to meet other children and she loves this, she made Christmas decoration today at the kindergarden and gave it away to her brother. Anne has been on her vacation in Greece, she loved bathing in the sea and building sandcastles and of course she loves to eat ice cream. The first snow is coming now so we took a trip to our cottage in Beitostolen (jotunheimen) and she loved sled down the slopes. We are going to celebrate Christmas at home with family and we have started to prepare Christmas with baking cakes the tradition says you have to have 7 different kinds so we have a way to go. Norwegian tradition is to celebrate Christmas Eve with good food and gifts. This Christmas will be special for us with Anne Celine. A few days after Christmas eve we are going to mountains for skiing and sledding. We have received the scrapbook and it was gorgeous:) We have looked through it a hundred times and we are so thankful for this gift. When Anne looks at pictures of you she says Mana. We receive Starfish mails, and we read all of it. We all hope you will have a peaceful Christmas. We send some pictures of Anne Celine and life in Norway. Love from Norway Ellen, Jørgen, Anne Celine og Simen

Life, Love and Laughter,

Starfish Foster Home

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

The HUGE smiles on her face are priceless... oh... this is one travelled little girl - and actually, you can see just how wanted and how loved the little starfishes are:)

Merry Christmas to you all Amanda...