Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ana's Preschool Picture

This is the cute story of Ana's preschool picture, written by her mom. The part I loved is know that her teachers were so thoughtful in helping her to take the best picture.

Just a quick note to send you Ana's preschool photo. This is the second version. The first one was taken about a month ago and Ana had a big frown on her face so I asked to have it retaken. Ana's two teachers took her into the gym every day and practiced taking photos of her with their digital camera with hopes of getting a better photo during retakes. One of her teachers just called me to say that her new photos had come in and that they were so cute she was going to scan one and e-mail it to me so I wouldn't have to wait until Monday---take a look---I just love it---it really shows her personality!!
I've also attached a photo of Ana decorating the Christmas tree and one of she and Sophie putting their letters to Santa in the Santa mailbox in our town.

All our best!

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh this is precious to see Ana in her preschool photos... and with her letter to Santa...

asiangarden said...

It is so cool to see these kids so happy and adjusted in their new lives! You have done a great job Amanda! happy Holidays!