Friday, November 21, 2008

I just melted when I saw these absolutely adorable pictures, I am sure you will agree. I live for these kinds of things. Mei-Li (Olivia) and her family got to meet Norah (Rachel) and her family at the airport after they returned from China. This is the rmail I got from Mei-Li family.

Dear Amanda,

Tonight we went to the airport to welcome Norah, Robin, Henk and Jet. When Norah and Mei-Li saw each other through the window they seemed to be a little surprised. But when they came through the door they loved it to see each other again. They walked hand by hand and were very happy. They hugged and kissed. It was very adorable. Mei-Li was telling the whole day that she was going to see Norah and that she should come by plane. In Dutch she said: Rachel ophalen...vliegtuig....

When we had to leave they kissed and waved goodbye. So lovely. We are very happy that they loved it to see each other.
We have some pictures for you. Some of them are not very well because they moved very quickly. But they give you an impression of the meeting on the airport. (Maybe Jet has better pictures).

Greetings from Mei-Li, Ronald, Danielle and Yo-Lin

Life, Love and Laughter,

Starfish Foster Home

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Now that, more then anything just warms the cockles of my heart... that is just the sweetest thing... that is what I just LOVE to see... now these girls will grow up with a common bond...

Sophia said...

I was so moved by the pictures and their meet that tears came down from my face.Thank you,Amanda,you give the babies and us a miracle.

FatcatPaulanne said...

so cute!

The important thing about this is that though they were orphaned and in foster care, they did not come out of the experience unable to love. They have been loved and they know how. That is the most wonderful thing.

Chinabound said...

oh. That's so adorable and lovely. It really brings tears to my eyes that these girls now have a forever family who will love them dearly, and that they have each other as well.