Sunday, November 30, 2008

Flower (Nina) has become a Big Sister

I am so happy to tell you some more excellent news. Our Flower (Nina) has become a big sister to....

...Miss River!!!
Born: Thursday November 20, 2008. (My mom's birthday!)
Weight: 10 pounds
Length: 19 inches

After 36 hours of labor, with us waiting in the waiting room for most of it, she was finally brought into this world through c-section. We are so glad she's here!

We are so excited and happy for this new chapter in our lives.

We should all be discharged Saturday at noon so please keep us in your prayers that all will go smooth!

Thanks so much to everyone for your love and support.
I loved the flower in her hat.
I am so happy for them. It was a really quick process. They were chosen very soon after they submitted their paperwork by the birth mother. As you all know these first few weeks after the birth mother still has the right to change her mind so it is a time that is full of stress.
We wish baby River sleeps a lot and so does the whole family. My best advice....when in doubt use Gripe Water.
Maybe I can also share the most beautiful song by Marie Osmond to honor the women who give birth and then give up their babies. The song is called "From God's Arms to my Arms to Yours".

Life, Love and Laughter,

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John & Michelle said...

Please explain the Gripe Water? I am a mom in waiting and don't get that! Thanks